Bhutan - The Cloud Kingdom

91 minutes
Format: DVD
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Bhutan is one of the three small countries between China and India, along with Nepal and Tibet. It has purposely sought to isolate itself high in the Himalayan mountains south of Mt. Everest.

Bhutan’s king took note of the deleterious aspect of tourism in Tibet and Nepal, and not wanting to subject his own country to such negative impacts, he has enacted some tough stipulations for visitors. Bhutanese man Each visitor must pay the kingdom $240 a day for the privilege of entering. This serves to restrict the influx of backpackers and other economy travelers.

Bhutanese childrenThe result is a nation of people living very much as they have for centuries. This country was never invaded by a foreign power, so its monasteries and art treasures are largely intact. There are probably around 2,000 temples and monasteries... it has been a religious country since its beginning in the 8th Century.

planting riceBy western standards, Bhutan may even seem a little backward. But this backwardness is the singular source of it’s appeal and charm. There’s only one highway. The roadwork and paving is still being done by hand. Farming too, is largely a manual enterprise. Mechanization has made few inroads into farming practices, so Bhutan may be virtually the only place—certainly one of the few places—where cultivating with wooden plows and oxen is still common. Rice fields and other cultivated areas are often filled with people as they work communally to produce their food.

Tom Sterling has captured this country and its customs, people, and even its wildlife, Bhutan langurin a stunning panorama. The color, people in their homes, at work, performing artful dances..., Bhutanese womanwhich are part of their sacred traditions as well as folk culture. Tom shows us details of Bhutanese homes, sleeping and eating customs that are so different to our own. The wild creatures and birds, also different than anything we see in the mountains of our own country.

There is so much that remains unknown to us about Bhutan. That is what accounts for its fascination for us. Tom Sterling has captured it in an engrossing and captivating way. You too will be fascinated.

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