Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can
46 minutes
Format: DVD
Available: Now

WinnerWinner of 6 National and International Awards

Coyote pup with momCatch Me If You Can is two films; The Grazers (20  minutes) and The Predators (26 minutes). Both films illustrate how the play of young animals manifests itself in adult behaviors. The young grazers must learn where to locate food, how to obtain dominance in the herd, and how to keep from being eaten by a predator. Young predators, on the other hand, must learn similar things and also how to kill for their food. The play behavior of young animals is always appealing and this video captures their play in captivating detail.

cubs_play_2.jpg (8018 bytes)The animal sequences that appear in Catch Me If You Can were obtained over many years and many hours in the field. Major filming was done at three locations: Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming), Denali National Park (Alaska), and Kluane National Park (Yukon Territory). The Grazers shows the young of antelope, elk, bison and Dall sheep. The Predators depicts young coyotes, wolf, grizzly bear, black bear and otter.

antelope_twins.jpg (6920 bytes)All animals were filmed in a natural environment with free ranging animals. This is a ‘wildlife’ video... no captive animals here. Although some of the footage has been aired on television, most of the film appears for the first time in Catch Me If You Can.

bison_calf.jpg (6443 bytes)The filmed sequences are absolutely remarkable in that they depict the joyous abandon that baby animals seem to feel as they learn how to interact with this new world they find themselves in. Some of the antics are sure to bring a smile to even the most urbane of viewers. A Dall lamb falls on his rear as he leaps about in careless exuberance. Coyote pups yank each others’ tails, an antelope fawn races flat out in an explosive burst of energy, coyote_pups_2.jpg (6529 bytes)and a bison calf charges an old bull in a fit of overconfidence.

Many people contributed their talents during post production of this video to make it be of exceptional quality. At each stage in the production the standards set by leaders in the field, such as National Geographic, were maintained. The result is a video which not only contains unique animal behavior, but presents it in an award-winning fashion.

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