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“Discovering the Dutch” goes beyond the cliches and gabled houses and into the stories of history already made - as well as todays life and history in the making. We explore 9 of the 12 lowland Provinces, each with it’s own unique culture and origin.

In North Holland Province we tour Amsterdam, with its historic churches, Royal Palace and museums, Anne Frank house, lizard park, social scene and canal tours...just part of the excitement this city offers. A few miles away we stop at the historic capital of Haarlem. In Edam and Volendam, we join the lively cheese market activities climb inside working Dutch industrial windmills and historical buildings at Zaanse Schans in Zaandam. We also visit Muiden Castle and the enormous Alsmeer flower auction.

South Holland Province takes us to the charming city of Schiedam known for its production of gin and the tallest old windmills in the world. Adjoining is Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe and until 2004, the world's busiest port until surpassed by Shanghai.

At the Hague we tour the city, seat of the Dutch parliment and government and delight in Madurodam, a huge miniature city on a 1:25 scale, located in Scheveningen. Also in Scheveningen the beach with the parasailing waterskiers create a magical site. Another magical site for shoppers is the famous Hague Turkish market...largest in Europe.

Utrecht Province delights us in Delft with it’s exquisite china, charming city scenes and Oudewater - to explore the 16th century witches weigh house - where thousands of suspected witches were brought from all over Europe to be tested.

We travel south through the forested hills of Limburg Province to visit Maastricht, now a resort town bordering Belgium. But we go underground for a look at a historic coal mine.

In North Braabant Province we visit Eindhoven, which in the past decade has emerged as the capital of Dutch industrial design. The Design Academy Eindhoven has produced major Dutch designers, and is currently one of two finalists for the World Design Capital award.

Gelderland Province offers a tour of the Het Loo Palace, used by Royalty for over 300 years. We also return to the WW2 site of Arnhem...and the “bridge too far“ site of the allied military operation -Operation Market Garden- the largest airborne operation of all time. And, in visiting the military cemetery we have an unexpected encounter and interview with a British soldier who fought in the battle.

In Drenthe Province, we relive two eras of the painful.. as we tour the remains of Camp Westerbork, the Dutch internment camp where 107,000 were housed before being shipped to the Polish death camps in World War 2. Also in Drenthe are prehistoric megaliths called Hunebedden. Built before the pyramids, these gigantic granite stones were assembled to form huge stone graves.

In Groningen Province while touring the capital city, we meet an exceptional artist, step back in time in Bourtange, a 16th century “5 pointed Star” fortress on the border of Germany while immersed in a Rennisance festival. Along the northern coast mud flats we discover a seal hospital. This sanctuary and research center has been taking care of sick and injured seals since it was founded in 1971. We’ also are invited to tour one of the charming farm sites and meet the owners.

On our way through Friesland Province, we visit the fishing village of Staavoren with it’s fascinating legend, and Leeuwarden, the childhood home of Mata Hari. We also cross the Afsluitdijk...and learn about the creation of this incredible 20 mile causeway and dam built to close off the North Sea and create a huge freshwater lake.

And these, are just part of the sites and stories we encounter as we return to Amsterdam, to discover even more connections and contributions the Dutch have the United States and the World. A fitting conclusion to our experience traveling throughout this remarkable reclaimed land from the water. Certainly affirming the popular saying, “God created the lowlands, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.”

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