The Faces of Italy

The Faces of Italy
80 minutes
Format: DVD
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Duomo over the city

Scene List for The Faces of Italy:

Open and title sequence.

The Dumo in Milan, one of the most impressive cathedrals in Italy.

A fashionable shopping district in Milan provides a background for the well-dressed and the well-to-do.

Discover the secrets of Italy’s masterpiece wine, Barolo.

The cacophony of a marketplace in Turin resonates to the vibrancy of Italian shoppers, and Italian life.

A tourist explores the labyrinth of passageways in the medieval village of Triora.

The bombing of Italy and the impact of World War II on the people and the land is contrasted to their remarkable recovery.

Olive oil production in Imperia exemplifies Italy’s push into modern production techniques.

The sun rises on an ordinary day in Italy as sweepers clean the streets, shoppers emerge form their homes, and businessmen go to work. The mailman delivers mail, people gossip on the street, they do lunch, and all meet on the piazza for the evening stroll.

A day’s end promotes the evening "promenade", a custom throughout Italy.

Modern agriculture is featured in the lush Po Valley which the natives call the "Kansas of Italy."

The celebrated Italian Riviera beaches become a mecca for visitors in August when all of Italy vacations.

As the world’s leading producer of tomatoes, southern Italy blushes with crimson during the August harvest.

Pasta production and a visit to a famous restaurant and kitchen in LaMorra, where white truffles are served, delight the palate and deflate the wallet.

Roman ColiseumThe many faces of Rome and its glorious past are revealed; the Coliseum, the Forum, the magnificent fountains and the Pantheon. The camera plunges the viewer into the crush of Roman traffic and the city streets by night.

Roman ForumAbruzzo National Park echoes to the howl of rare wolves of the Apennine Mountains in central Italy.

Train travel is a favorite and reliable mode of transportation throughout Italy and is used to capacity.

Remnants of aqueducts are a reminder of the pervasive Roman Empire.

Church bells toll, candles are lighted as the faithful are drawn to worship on a Sunday morning.

St. Peter’s in Rome during Sunday mass.

A surprise rain shower sends Italians scurrying for cover.

Mount Vesuvius rains its furor on Herculaeum, ruins of the Roman holiday community are explored.

As a monument to its fitful past, titanic lava fields blanket Mount Etna.

Follow the ancient Appian Way from Rome to Benevento to Brindisi across the entire peninsula of Italy.

Olive groves extend from the north to southern Italy.

Fishing continues to exist as a lonely occupation in Brindisi on the Adriatic Coast.

The enchanting village of Alberobello, with its round white houses and stone roofs, attracts thousands of tourists each year in the Trulli region.

Florence bestows a magnificent gift on the world with the birth of the Renaissance.

The Ponte Vecchio harbors gold sellers as it has for 500 years.

Leaning Tower of PisaMichelangelo’s David graces the city of Florence.

Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary genius made him the ultimate "Renaissance Man."

Street vendors come from other countries to take advantage of Italy’s strong economy.

Pisa’s famous leaning tower is contrasted to other leaning towers in Italy.

The irresistible magic and romance of Venice seem to be eternal, while the city itself is slowly decaying.

The home of Romeo’s Juliet in Verona still exists, perhaps as Shakespeare saw it.

A ballet of clouds and shadows dance through the Dolomites in northern Italy.

Rock climbers perilously scale the faces of these monolithic mountains.

Holidays are enjoyed year-round at the popular lake region playgrounds.

An ancient Roman road in northern Italy still shows ruts made in solid stone.

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