Wildlife of Yellowstone

Wildlife of Yellowstone
77 minutes
Format: DVD
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WinnerWinner of 22 Awards

What happens when you spend enough time getting close with wild animals? You really get to know them...on a personal level! Their families, their struggles , and their daily lives...from birth to death! In Sandy Mortimer’s production “Wildlife Of Yellowstone,” that’s just what we do... with three very different residents of Yellowstone National Park. Trumpeter Swans, Coyotes and Elk.

And as we follow the stories of these three very different animals that share this common home, we meet the multitude of other inhabitants that interact with them. As well as learn about their history and possible future...including the near extinction in the lower forty-eight states of the magnificent Trumpeter Swans by man during the last century... how they survived and were rediscovered. Extraordinary sequences include coyote predation on a swan, defense of their nesting territory from intruding swans, and the young cygnets attempting to fly. The sequences of the life cycle of the coyote during the changing seasons are dramatic. With rare scenes of a coyote taking fish from an otter, a pack stealing a black bear cub from its mother and pursuing antelope, bighorn sheep and elk. In it's role as predator, the fierce and surprisingly playful coyote whom the indians called "Song Dog", is amazing.The struggles and triumphs of Yellowstone's elk are shown in extraordinary scenes, including a young elk calf being captured by a grizzly, a cow's defense of her newborn calf against coyotes and large bulls battling for the right to mate. We also explore the historical impact of man on the herd over the past century and policies that threatened them with extinction and then overpopulation.

We touch on the reintroduction of the wolf, the use of fire and how the present herd affects the vegetation and other animals. Along with playful otters, pesky geese, and a collection of other inhabitants, this saga of 3 of Yellowstone's residents will give us an in-depth adventure into a world few humans ever see.

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