Yellowstone Soundscapes

Yellowstone Soundscapes
90 minutes
Format: CD
Available: Now

This is the first audio CD produced by Bob and I, which we are calling Yellowstone Soundscapes.

It has been digitally recorded by Bob over the past few years. It begins with the call of wolves over the moonlit landscape and progresses the listener geographically and temporally through Yellowstone Park... from place to place and from season to season.

You will hear a sound rarely heard by humans; the surreal sound of ice forming on Yellowstone Lake at the beginning of winter. Before the first heavy snowfalls of the season (which muffles the sound) the ice on the lake expands as the temperature drops to 30- or 40-below zero. At this time the ice emits a sound difficult to describe, but definitely seems "other-world". It is a sound that you might associate with a science-fiction movie, but it is real... normally heard only by otters, coyotes, and ravens. Technology will allow you to hear it without having to make a 70-mile drive on a snow machine in 30-below temperatures... sort of a dangerous thing to do alone.

This audio CD also has probably the best wolf and coyote calls ever recorded. Bob has filmed the National Geographic Special, Return of the Wolf, and usually goes out into Yellowstone Park before daylight every day. When the wolves are "talking", Bob is there recording. He has been filming and recording for 30 years... about 350 days a year!

The CD contains two parts. There is a 45-minute audio journey consisting only of the natural sounds of Yellowstone. It is divided into 9 chapters for quick access to favorite parts. The second part is the same sounds, but with narration to identify all the birds, animals, and thermal features heard. There is also a printed list on the cover of every species that you can hear in this unique CD. Unlike many similar nature audio discs, this is done without the use of music. Just the sounds of this great wild place... Yellowstone!

Dale Johnson

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