Yellowstone Trails and Tales

Yellowstone Trails and Tales
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If you have an interest in otters, Yellowstone, wildlife or nature in general, we believe this film will have been worth waiting for...some of the most intimate otter behavior,...all shot in the wild! They are such proficient hunters of the fish they live on, that they can spend most of their time romping and cavorting through their free-hearted days. They live this way both in summer and winter. Winter is not a hardship for them.

These wild creatures of Yellowstone are motivated entirely and exclusively by their own inner compulsions. Well,... the exception is when they are influenced by the acts of other animals,... such as coyotes. Coyotes steal fish from otters. This turns out to be a contest that has gone on for eons, and you may be surprised to learn that coyotes, and other creatures, can literally be dependent on otters in order to survive the coldest months of winter.

Because of thermal or warm springs in Yellowstone Lake, there are holes in the ice which allows the otters to dive into the lake and catch fish as easily as in they do in the summer. There are some unusual underwater features in Yellowstone Lake, never seen by the public, and we will bring these into focus as the otters descend in their pursuit of fish. All audiences fall in love with the otters, which seem not to have a care in the world. Because otters can catch fish in Yellowstone Lake, even in the winter, some other mammals and birds sometimes steal enough of the otters' catch to get them through lean times. Also some remarkable footage shot deep in Yellowstone Lake, where we see mysterious thermal spires not previously known to exist on the lake bottom. This geologic activity is just beginning to be recognized and studied in Yellowstone Lake, and the otters take us there for a fascinating look as part of this film.

Otters are synonymous with *humor*. A bald eagle boldly confronts an otter, seeming to demand that the otter hand over its fish! A coyote catches an otter diving into a hole in the ice and pulls him out by the tail. Otter pups play and slide on the ice in an explosively comic way. Geese, expecting to land in water, find themselves sliding on new ice. There is a 12-minute piece on how the underwater photography was done with a remote underwater vehicle.

This is a fun film. We hope you like it.

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