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"Discovering the Dutch"

The history, the people and places, and the little known stories of the Netherlands.


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New Adventure Released!

Discovering the Dutch

is a journey beyond the cliches and gabled houses and into the stories of Dutch history already made - and history in the making. On this tour of the Netherlands, we visit 9 of the 12 Provinces and while seeing many of the popular sites, also discover the little known and fascinating aspects of this culture.

From incredible Amsterdam to the North Sea and the borders of Germany and Belgium, the Dutch are weaving a remarkable tapestry of both past achievements and future accomplishments. Discovering the Dutch is discovering that the Netherlands is more than tulips and windmills...it's amazing!

Tales from the Trail

Guatemala Tale

And while traveling in very remote country one day, we saw an ALTO (stop) sign had been placed in the center of the road ahead of us. Pulling up to it, four armed men came out of the bushes, approached the car and began speaking in Spanish. Neither my traveling partner or I speak Spanish and didn’t know what they were saying, however they looked very nervous and fierce with their weapons.

One man thrust a pamphlet into the car and motioned for us to pull off the road and get out At that moment, my partner who thought the men were bandits, hurriedly rolled up the windows and stepped hard on the gas. We went about 100 feet with the men yelling after us, when I yelled for my driving partner to stop. ”Back up slowly” I said, and roll down the windows. We not only can’t get away, but I don’t think they want to rob or hurt us.” I knew because glancing down at the pamphlet I had been given I saw a picture of a bug on the front. Sure enough, the amazed armed men had stopped us so they could spray for the med fly.

Alcan Highway Tale

North of Haines Junction in the Yukon territory, is the Touchone summer hunting camp of Kluckshu Indians. We followed, as they jumped into their pickup and drove into the woods for about a mile. They stopped in an area where the brush was so heavy I thought our vehicle would get stuck. They began to walk down a narrow path and began to shout as they talked with each other. They also started lighting fire crackers and throwing them in the air. They continued like this all the way to the river. I thought they had gone crazy. When I finally got up the nerve to ask them why, they told me that grizzly bears fish in this river also and they wanted to let the bears know that people were around. Needless to say, we joined in the shouting also.

Legends of Louisiana Tale

At a so-called haunted plantation in the center of the State, my host had told me several stories about the spirit called Harry that sometimes appeared. Being a skeptic, I listened, but went about filming other things. One night however, I decided to cool off in the swimming pool by myself. No one else was around and I laid my shoes along with my towel at the edge of the pool. After swimming and being completely alone for about a half hour I came out, picked up my towel and discovered one of my shoes was missing. I hunted and hunted but never found my shoe. Apparently ”Harry” had struck again.

Egypt Tale

We had been traveling all day through the Sinai desert and had missed the only road into the interior. We were still searching in the late afternoon in one of the most isolated regions of the Mideast when our rented car started to smoke and came to a complete stop. Our driver checked and found the radiator was leaking, and on top of that, we had a flat tire. Dusk was approaching and I felt sure we would have to spend in night right there as vehicles seldom, if ever, travel along here.

However, our amazing driver opened the truck of the car, pulled out a few tools, some tape and other gear he had packed just in case, used our drinking water to fill up the radiator and within a short time we were on our way... almost good as new.